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Our aim is to produce Bulls that will be of the required type for Beef and Dairy herds with Muscle, Skeletal balance and Growth Potential and to produce Pedigree Females that will calve naturally and milk well. 

Nigel has a number of bloodlines available by Gizmo, Nikos RJ and Parfait RJ, our herd sires. The French AI sires that have been used are Bresil MN RR VS, Hermes RRE VS ,Hercule MN RR VS, Navarre MN RJ, Liban RR VS, Inox MN RRE VS, Loustic MN RR VS and Jipsy MN RRE VS.

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Our herd Pedigree Females
Limousin herd of 80 cows Honesberie Farms

About us

Honesberie Farms is situated in Warwickshire, close to the Oxfordshire & Northamptonshire borders and between the villages of Priors Hardwick and Priors Marston.

The farm has a Limousin herd of 80 cows and followers with breeding stock for sale.

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Honesberie mission statement

  • To produce females that calve naturally with high levels of milk
  • To produce bulls that suit both beef and dairy herds, producing
  • Good muscle and skeletal balance
  • High growth rates

Bulls that suit both beef and dairy herds females that calve naturally