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Beef,Rose Veal and Lamb - Direct from the Farm

Our pure bred Limousin cattle and ewes and lambs graze on natural pastures, supplemented only by oats, barley, sugar beet and hay.

All stages of preparing the meat are carried out locally. Beef is allowed to hang for 21 days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavour, and lamb and beef is expertly hand cut by a butcher with over 30 years’ experience.

The result of this careful attention every step of the way from farm to fork means that you can be sure that meat from Honesberie is the best that you can buy.

Our Limousin beef, Rose veal and lamb meat is available frozen direct from the farm by appointment or from the Shooting School on the farm which has a freezer full of different cuts of meat.

Open Monday- Saturday 


The Farm Telephone
 01327 260302 / 07974430650

The Shooting School
01327 262922

At certain times in the year we have fresh meat

We have fresh beef available the 15th July 2020 for a few days.

Our Standard Beef Box @ £145.

Our Vac Packed, freezer ready Beef boxes weigh approx 10Kg's 

1. Topside, 1.Silverside, 1.Brisket, 4 Sirloin Steaks, 4 Rump steaks, 2. Braising steak (500gm approx)and 8 Mince(500gm approx)

Honesberie Weekend Special a Limited  number of Premium Boxes @£160 

3 Topside Joints, 6 Ribeye Steaks, 6 Sirloin Steaks and 6 Rump Steaks and 2 Fillet. OR 3 Topside Joints, 6 Ribeye Steaks, 6 Sirloin Steaks , 6 Fillet Steaks.  Vac Packed, freezer ready. 

Available end of August- September 2020

Our Vac Packed freezer ready Lamb boxes

2 legs whole or in halves, 2 Shoulders whole or in halves, cutlets, loin chops, neck fillets, boned and rolled breast, and kidneys.

Lamb is sold in whole box £150 or half box £80 

It is possible to have the lamb cut differently at an extra cost.

25% Promotional offer on all individual beef joints, steaks and burgers.

Beef Pack Prices

Fore Rib Joint on Bone

Topside Joint

Silverside Joint


Fillet Steaks

Sirloin Steaks

Rump Steaks

Ribeye Steak

Flat Iron Steak

Bavette Steak

2 x 170g Steak Hache

Beef Braising Steak

Beef Mince

Pack of 2 x 170g  Beef Burgers
Gluten Free with Onions
Gluten Free Salt and Black Pepper
Red Onion & Horseradish


£19.00 Kg

£15.50 Kg

£14.00 Kg

£12.00 Kg

£42.00 Kg

£32.00 Kg

£22.00 Kg

£34.00 Kg

£17.50 Kg

£17.50 Kg

£ 8.00

£11.50 Kg

£10.00 Kg

£ 3.50
£ 3.50
£ 3.50

Lamb Prices below are not 2020 Prices.

Lamb Pack Prices

Rack of Lamb
Rack of Lamb with Bone
½ Loin Rolls ( 2 people)
Loin Roll (4 people)
4 Cutlets
4 Loin Chops
2 Chump Chops
Whole Leg of Lamb
½ Fillet end of Leg Lamb
½ Leg of Lamb
Whole shoulder of Lamb
1/2 shoulder of Lamb
Lamb Neck fillets/ Stir fry’s
Lamb Mince
Pack of 4 x 4oz Minty Lamb Burgers

Ask at the desk for Insulated Freezer bags £2 each 

Prices From

£ 6.50
£ 5.70
£ 9.98
£ 5.50
£4.60 (from)