Gizmo came from Philippe Vannier of Les Bidolets, Chapaize in May 2016 he is by Napoleon an RJ bull out of Chippie who has the Qualification Reproductice Reconnue.

    He is a mixed type bull with an impressive record of easy calving, milk production in his females and a good temperament. He has produced bulls that have been sold at Lanaud for over 5,000 Euros. Their Genomic values for ease of calving were top of the RJ bulls in the June 2016 sale, there is a PDF of Libero his son below. Gizmo has run with some of our Spring calving cows and is now with some of our Autumn calving cows.
    D.O.B: 08/09/2011
    Pedigree Status: Full French Pedigree 
    Min Tag No: FR81600032553

    Evaluation genetique en station          CRse  DMse  DSse  IMOCR  OPse  AFse  QRse  

    QM genomiques

    Points forts genomiques

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